Hi, I'm Leigh.

That’s me with my computer and coffee, aka my two loves. Why yes, that is a proprietary glint you see in my eyes. How nice of you to notice.

You’ve got a lot to offer this beautiful world of ours. That's why you're here. You want to transform lives. I get you.

I learn how your brand is going to make lives better. Then I create a message that ensures your perfect audience will know why they need your amazing product in their life. How did they ever live without it?

A bit more about me:

I’m a genuine lover of all things beautiful

  • Our stunner of a mother earth

  • Beautiful humans

  • The perfect coffee mug

I’ve lived in 5 states in 15 years. California twice.

It’s never easy being the new girl, so I’ve made it a point to never meet a stranger. (I get it from my mama.) That generational desire to connect has led me to build deep relationships within my communities. Out of thin air—sometimes dry, often humid—I create lasting friendships.

  • I find my people

  • I get to know my people

  • I connect with my people

I can’t wait to connect with you.

Contact me.

Leigh Smith Copy - Sustainability Copywriter

Cleveland, OH | leigh@leighsmithcopy.com

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