Engaging, story-driven sustainability copy & content.

Hi! I'm Leigh, an e-commerce copywriter and full-service email manager. Eco-Friendly is my religion and emails are my love language.

Leigh Smith, e-commerce copywriter of product descriptions of Leigh Smith Copy sits outside of a cafe on a computer, smiling with coffee.

Think of me as a sustainability e-com matchmaker

I write words that cultivate a genuine connection with your dreamboat audience

Ready to take your relationship to the next level?

You have a gorgeous brand. A transformational offer. A stunner of a product.

Are your words igniting your audience to build a lasting relationship?

your beautiful brand + a swooning audience = a match made in conversion heaven

Let’s get the sparks flying. Time to send these two crazy kids down the aisle.

Full-Service Email List Management

Emails not converting? Landing in the dreaded promos tab — or even worse — SPAM?

You know you should be doing more with emails (and making way more money!). I'll take it from here.

What's included in full-service email list management? Here's what I do...

  • Log into your ESP and send emails FOR you

  • Send daily broadcast emails

  • Evaluate your flows and optimize as needed

  • Check each email for deliverability

  • Review performance of each email and use data to craft the best emails moving forward

  • Add new flows at regular intervals

    Ask me about monthly packages.

Computer with the text "Join us online" Full service email manager can manage your email list.
Not to be dramatic, but email marketing can make or break your ecom shop.

A visit to your website is like a first date

Are you putting your best words forward?

Let's work together!

Have your readers lost that loving feeling?

Whether they stopped clicking, swiped left without a note, or weren’t even yours to start, one thing is clear — you haven’t found the right words.

That’s where I come in.

Light some soy candles. Things are about to get real.

Let's get to matching

Leigh Smith Copy - Sustainability Copywriter

Cleveland, OH | leigh@leighsmithcopy.com

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